Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stay The Course? Sorry, My Bad!

Two guys with their hands in the air.  One guy says, Good News. The guy with the long nose says we don't have to Stay The Course.You can now see the two guys, along with many others have fallen off a cliff that represents Iraq.  One guy says, It's a little late.  An elephant hangs by his trunk over the edge of the cliff.

According to President Bush, when he said "Stay the course", he didn't really mean "Stay the course". At least not the way we all understood it.

Since we just don't understand that the war on terror requires new thinking, we really can't appreciate the subtleties behind the phrase "Stay the course". So as not to confuse our simple minds further he is not going to use the phrase any more. Maybe Karl can come up with something less complex.

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